About Us

Here at DJS Garden Design Ltd. we have superb knowledge of the many styles of garden design available and with an understanding of the historical and cultural changes that gardens have undergone over the last couple of centuries. Regardless of size or budget we will create a garden solution for you and walk you through the process finishing with a 100% original hand drawn design.

From your initial meeting we will come and assess your current garden and begin the measuring process. Once the scale of the project has been determined we can then discuss various options and through the interview process evaluate your exact desires for your new garden. Once all the information is gathered the design of your new outside living space beings.

Our Designs

Specialising in bespoke hand drawn plans with 2D and 3D images to get a real picture of the completed garden before building has even commenced.

We deal with both commercial and domestic gardens of any size tailoring it to the clients exact specifications. Such projects have been sensory gardens and production gardens for schools and Mediterranean, cottage and even very specific themes such as medieval and 'brewery' gardens for landscapers and private clients.

Design Work Includes

A list of services we provide is as follows:
  • Garden Design scaled plans with 2D/3D imagery
  • Planting plans scaled plans with 2D/3D imagery
  • Construction detail scaled plans with 2D/3D imagery
  • Site plans or 'laying out' plans to help contractors build the garden that we have designed
  • Specification documents to help maintain your new garden, Project management if you would like us to over see the whole project while you use your own contractors
  • Plant ordering, planting, garden maintenance, landscaping are all also available if you wanted us to complete the entire project for you to save dealing with other contractors.
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    If you have any queries or questions at all, feel free to contact us using the details below.

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